Sunday, November 7, 2010

Helen, Georgia

Alpine Helen.
Have you been to Alpine Helen? It is a tiny touristy town in northern Georgia. it is fun to take visitors to there. Last weekend I took Greg and Cristina there. Sadly, Raoul got sick and stayed home. I took some pictures of our visit.


This way gnome.

I especially enjoyed taking pictures of my favorite works of art in Helen. If you look around, art is all over the place. I liked the elves, gnomes, and lederhosen.

Hot dog!

Clown and children.


Nesting dolls.
We went shopping and did not buy anything. We did look at cuckoo clocks, but they really were not affordable. I was looking for a cute miniature one there, but they did not have them anymore. What a bummer!

If you steal my glasses...
Greg did buy a beer from France at the upstairs lounge of the Bavarian restaurant.

Candy shop.
We did have some ice cream. Here is one of the many candy shops in Helen.

Me and Greg.
I think Greg is singing something in this photo.

Me, Cristina, and Greg in Helen.

Milk maid.

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