Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday - 1995 Edition

Sketchbook from 1995 0001
I have been cleaning up here and there in our craft room this weekend. I came across a bunch of sketchbooks from the 1990's. Here is a gem of a book that I started in April of 1995. Woah, that makes it vintage by now!

Sketchbook from 1995 0003
Often I was asked to draw comics for other people's zines or record covers. Here are some sketches that were for a zine t-shirt that I did for a pen pal of mine.

Sketchbook from 1995 0004
These comics are from 1995, when I was in my first year of college. So they are really based in that part of my life. The comics I drew were mostly about classes, roommates, how I was treated by others, phobias, and so on.

Sketchbook from 1995 0005
I like to believe my comics are lots better now!

Sketchbook from 1995 0006
I also drew so big back then. These sketchbooks are big compared to my small ones I use nowadays.

Sketchbook from 1995 0007
I always like to draw from my collections. Here are some illustrations that I was working out for some comics I made later about toys I have.

Sketchbook from 1995 0008
I also drew some songs I liked. These were printed in a zine that I made in 1997 called Rollycoaster.

Sketchbook from 1995 0009

Sketchbook from 1995 0010
There are many comics about dreams I had.

Sketchbook from 1995 0011
And lastly, there are my phobia comics that were all made for the zine Panophobia!

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