Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday - Fierce and Nerdy Edition

Drawing comics!
I have been trying to work ahead on some of my Dork Lifestyle comics for Fierce and Nerdy! Here are some of my new illustrations I have been working on.

Bonk! New comics in progress.
I can't show you all of them cos they will eventually be published online, and then I hope to make a book. I am coming up on having 50 comics on Fierce and Nerdy! Hooray! Hooray for my friend Ernessa for letting me publish my comics on her website.

In the making- new Super Paws.
As always, I like doing a bunch of projects all at once. I started to draw another issue of Super Paws! So far I have one comic ready. I just need about a dozen more to complete my zine!

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