Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Summertime, Root Beer Float Time

I had a black cow and Raoul had a root beer float.
Raoul and I are enjoying the nice southern summer! We are enjoying it by making root beer floats and black cows at home.

Root beer floats!
What is a black cow? Well, it is like a root beer float, but it has chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla.

We used to get black cows at Jerry's Curb Service all the time when I lived in Pennsylvania. Jerry's is a great little diner where the car hops come out to your car and serve you from a big tray that hooks to your window. You can eat your burger and fries in your car! And have a black cow!

Cooling off with a black cow - root beer and chocolate ice cream.

Root beer floats.
What's your favorite summer drink?

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