Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Animal Farm, Animal Home

Pittsburgh Zoo 0026
When we were in Pittsburgh, we got to go to the zoo with my family. We had a great time seeing all the animals, and I had not been to the zoo in ages!

Pittsburgh Zoo 0033
I have to say, it was a very hot day, so the animals were trying to cool off when they could. We watched the tiger as he eased into the water to meet his buddy.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0036
Super cool off tiger! Good for you! You go!

Pittsburgh Zoo 0039

Pittsburgh Zoo 0041

Pittsburgh Zoo 0061
Check out this cute little fellow cooling off in his pond! What a cute brown bear.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0079
The penguin encounter is really fun. The penguins were really happy and playful when we visited.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0085

Pittsburgh Zoo 0103
By the time we arrived tot he octopus, he was having some dinner. Check out the webbing on the left side of this photo - I had never seen the octopus so active! You can even see his tentacles near the top.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0106

Pittsburgh Zoo 0110
I love watching the seahorses, too. So graceful and pretty.

Pittsburgh Zoo 0143

Pittsburgh Zoo 0166

Pittsburgh Zoo has a new baby otter! So everyone wanted to get a peek at him. He cried an awful lot, but look how adorable he is!

he moved really fast, so it was difficult to get a really nice picture of him. He really looks silly in this one!

Then it was time for the seals to eat. They were just as noisy as the baby otter!

What a sweet face!

Then I got to pet Buttercup, a very friendly white tailed deer! What a beauty!

And so did Monica!

But Dad only pet this goat. What a beauty!

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