Monday, June 4, 2012

ICE Artlantis

ICE ART 4911

Last Saturday, Missy and I headed out to Atlanta to attend the I.C.E. ATLANTA SUMMER MARKET at the AMBIENT PLUS STUDIO in Mechanicsville. We're usually on the other side of the table at I.C.E., but our big ambitious plans for the sale fell through when we ran short on time and stock, and frankly, we didn't want to put out a half-assed effort. Anyways, we happily went to show our support by shopping for unique handmade goods from the 80-plus vendors in attendance...

ICE ART 4912

We were particularly impressed with NOOSH STUDIOS who BLOCK PRINTED his original designs onto t-shirts, right on the spot:

ICE ART 4914

ICE ART 4915

We stopped at CUYLER HOVEY-KING's booth, a perennial favorite of Missy's for jewelry...

ICE ART 4917

Another I.C.E. regular was the PROTOTYPIST INDUSTRIES booth, where their prototyping "printer" will build up intricate designs layer by layer. It looked like they even had a HAND SCANNER that could scan your dimensions (or any other object) into a computer, render a 3-D design, and then "print" and actual object. Pretty cool!

ICE ART 4919


ICE ART 4920

ICE ART 4924

ICE ART 4925

ICE ART 4922

ICE ART 4923

At the FERNWORKS booth, Missy couldn't resist the ring that had a tiny BIRD'S NEST with tiny BLUE EGGS, encased in resin:

ICE ART 4931

ICE ART 4929

There's this ANTIQUE SCALE at Ambient Plus, a reminder of the building's former life before it was converted into a photo studio and mixed-use building. Missy weighed herself and came up at around 100 pounds (she's never weighed more than 100 pounds). I half-joked that her bag and all the contents in it made her a good 6 or 7 pounds heavier than she usually weighed:

ICE ART 4926

ICE ART 4927

ICE ART 4928

After our little shopping spree at I.C.E., we met up with our friends Juliet and Jeremy (of GOLD-BEARS fame) and their little daughter Sophie, for some lunch in downtown Atlanta. They suggested we try this new restaurant in town called TAKOREA (clever, right?), which served up the sort of Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine that was first popularized in Southern California. Suffice it to say, the food was beyond delicious...

ICE ART 4942

ICE ART 4943

Their menus had these adorable CHILDREN'S BOOK ILLUSTRATIONS:

ICE ART 4936

ICE ART 4935

ICE ART 4938

ICE ART 4939

Missy and I split a plate of fries sprinkled with a healthy mix of Korean-inspired seasonings. Missy also got a tofu taco and a tempura avocado taco and I got a forearm-sized tofu burrito (which wasn't as interesting to photograph as the tacos and fries). Everything we ate was spicy as all get out:

ICE ART 4940

ICE ART 4941

After lunch, Missy and I headed out to the ARTLANTIS art and music festival, in Poncey-Highland. The festival was held at the DRUID HILLS BAPTIST CHURCH, right across the street from the holiest of hipster wastelands, UrbanOutfitters:

ICE ART 4963

ICE ART 4944

ICE ART 4945

ICE ART 4947

ICE ART 4949

ICE ART 4952

Bands set up and performed on the steps of the church and the spectacle slowed traffic on the busy Ponce de Leon avenue. We were able to catch a set by FAUN AND A PAN FLUTE before trekking back to Athens...

ICE ART 4950

ICE ART 4951

ICE ART 4953

ICE ART 4959

ICE ART 4960

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