Saturday, May 19, 2012

We Buy DIY: Oceanity Handmade

Handmade pin I got this weekend.
When we had our table at Raindrop a few weeks ago, I picked up some really neat stuff from Michelle of Oceanity Handmade. Michelle makes really lovely fabric brooches, bow barrettes, sewn ribbons, and much more. I chose this pin, made from vintage Girl Scouts fabric and felt. This is the Pen Pal pin! I love it because I had so many pen pals when I was in high school and college. Hey, it was before the internet... I might have to get the other Pen Pal, so she can have someone to write to.

Vintage book.
I also chose a vintage children's book to add to my collection. This one has some really cute illustrations inside - so inspiring!

Children of the Nineties.
The book is called Children of the Nineties, and I know you are thinking they might be into "grunge music" maybe, but no, my friends, they are from the 1890's!

Cute art in my book.

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