Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Finally I had some time this weekend to put our Christmas decorations up! I put some of my vintage elves and reindeer on our mantle. Some of the decorations are ones my mom gave me, too, or that she made for me. I just love seeing them each year!

Hugging elf.

The Christmas mantle is finally decorated!

Singing carolers.

Angel and elf.

Getting ready for Christmas.

Decorating day.

Elfs and deer.

Santa and elf and snowman.

Plush Christmas bells my mom made when I was little.
Here are some plush bells my mom made when I was little. She gave these to me last time she came for a visit. They hang on hooks that are stuck in our ceiling in the living room. We left them in when we repainted this room in the summer.

Our tree is here!
And our lovely fiber optic Christmas tree of joy! I love this tree cos we got it the first year we moved into our house. Raoul said Nilla would eat a real one, but she also will eat a fake one if we let her. We placed our tree up high where she won't jump.

The Christmas house.
Behind the tree is the Christmas house! We decorated it with some miniature deer, Hallmark ornaments (my family collects these), Sanrio, and peppermint candles. And best of all...

My mom gave me these deer and Santa.
The reindeer on the roof!!

Up on the roof top!
Along with Santa in his sleigh! I think I love these most of all from my Christmas collection. Mom gave me these, too, so that is why I love them.

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