Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Heart-imals on Pixelgirl

Squirrel Heart Icon Design for Pixelgirl

Kitty Heart Icon Design for Pixelgirl
My friend Shana from Shana Logic asked me if I had some artwork for her to make into adorable icons for her other website Pixelgirl Presents. I made this cute collection of animals holding hearts. In this series you will find a woodland squirrel, an adorable panda, a sweet kitty cat, and a beautiful bunny. You can download your very own set of my Heart-imals desktop icons FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE RIGHT HERE.

Panda Heart Icon Design for Pixelgirl

Bunny Heart Icon Design for Pixelgirl
These animals came out really cute, so be sure to let Shana know. I have been using them all week and I really think it makes my desktop so much more fun. I downloaded the Mac version, so all you need to do is unzip the file, then highlight the icon you would like to use. Then you type the key command "Apple i" and the info block will pop up. Highlight the character in the upper left of this box, and use the key command for Copy and Paste - "Apple c" and "Apple v." Okay, now you get the folder or file you wish to use the icon on, then do the info thing again ("Apple i") and Copy and Paste the icon in the upper left, thus replacing the former icon. Super! Now you have my animals on your desktop! Sweet!

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