Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Embroidery

Hello. I have been working on a little embroidery with help from my Sublime Stitching book. I got the pattern using the download from MISAKO MIMOKO blog. You might remember Little Dog from my post here. I have to say, this is my first "real" attempt at embroidery, aside from stitching features on to plush toys that I sew. I really enjoyed drawing in stitches, and using Eva's lovely artwork - especially cos it reminds me of something I might draw myself! I am going to enlarge the pattern just a little and stitch another one and add it to a skirt my mom helped me sew.

misako mimoko teapot embroidery.
Here is a detail of my embroidery, too. Oh, how I love my new camera! Check out those French knots, too. I was a little nervous to do them at first, but Jenny Hart's book really does a fabulous job in describing exactly what to do! Heart!


Genevieve Gail said...

Cute Missy!

Miranda Hale said...

Adorable! :)

misako mimoko said...

Hi Missy!
It's LOVELY!! cute color combination!
I'm happy you choose my embroidery pattern :), it can be great on a skirt!
This reminds me that I have to share another new embroidery pattern soon.

Thank you for letting me know and have a wonderful thursday :)

Church of Craft Athens said...

Thanks, Gen!

Thanks, Miranda!

Eva - I am going to make one and sew it on to my skirt. I will have to show you when I start that, too. I love the tea kettle character so much. Next I have to make embroidery from my drawing!


Jen said...

Ah this is so cute!! Did you ever put one on a skirt?

Missy said...

Hi Jen,

No, I never put it on a skirt. I should, cos I love Eva's design! I also might make it a tiny bit bigger because I made mine really pretty small. I think my hoop is about 6".